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Rdouglass asked 6 years ago

Looking to eventually move to CR and wanted to find the ideal place to retire.  Looking to fly into the country and travel around specific areas for a week at a time.  While we can rent a car, I think it would be better to get a private driver that knows the area and can take us to something other than tourist locations, show us potential housing etc..  Is there private companies that do this that you might recommend or is that even an option in your opinion?  Would like to hit Tamarindo, Limon, Arenal, and the South West (Not sure of the cities).  These will all be at different times in 2018.   Thanks in Advance, your help is appreciated! Rob D

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Rob, 
It’s definitely a good idea to connect with someone here on the ground to help show you around but I’m not sure you’ll find someone that is knowledgeable about all of those different areas. It might be better to rent a car and explore yourself while also trying to connect with some locals in each of the communities you are considering. Most of the towns/areas we have lived in have dedicated Facebook groups that act as sort of a community bulletin board. You could post in some of those to find people and it also wouldn’t hurt to have some real estate agents show you around different neighborhoods, even if you are just in the exploratory stage of renting/buying. Be sure to read out post about planning your research trip for some other tips as well.  

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