Private driver to Dominical?

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Leisha asked 7 years ago

We’re hoping to do a few daytrips from San Isidro del general to Dominical (beach excursion) and wondering how to go about finding a driver? We’re a bit worried that by the time we take the bus (quizarra – San Isidro del General – Dominical) there won’t be time for the beach before we’d need to head back. Direct driving seems a better option – but how do we find a driver? 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Leisha, 
We’d recommend getting a taxi from your place to the bus station in San Isidro and timing it so that you can take the bus down to Dominical and/or Uvita or one of the beaches in between. That bus route isn’t that much slower than driving and you could then take another cab, if you needed one, around the coastal area. Just make sure you go to the right bus station, it should be the one over towards the feria but closer to the highway on the corner (good directions right, lol). Otherwise a private driver is going to cost a lot. If you do decide to get one, maybe ask around in your neighborhood for a recommendation.