Pregnant living at Lake Arenal, Tronadora

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David Carus asked 6 years ago

Hi Matt and Jenn,
We are moving to Costa Rica, at first and hopefully permanently to Tilaran/Tronadora. My wife is pregnant, so we have a simple question: do you think it is irresponsible to move there now because of Zika or do you think the risk is so minimal that it is not worth considering? We had thought of going to Zarcero, because it is higher, but there are still a few mosquitoes there too. It all seems fairly relative. We could of course hold off on moving for 6 months, but we wonder whether that is over the top. Really we just want to get a feel for what you would suggest, you know, having lived there, been pregnant, having been bitten now and again 🙂
On a side note, I had read that the perpetual rain had put you off Lake Arenal – was that in Nuevo Arenal or was that on the West side of the lake, where we are heading? I know it is very windy there, but I had thought there was more rain on the other side.
Thanks for any response,
David and Clara

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi David and Clara, 
Great that you are moving down! For Mosquitoes, the levels of Zika are very low now so it is not as much in the public eye. For us, it feels better to see some actual numbers. The best thing to do is read the bulletins that the government puts out to see where the cases are located (read our post: to see links to these reports). I don’t think that the Tilaran area has much, if any, right now but it will make you feel better to read the reports. We take lots of precautions to prevent bites too. Not sure if you have seen it but we have another post on Mosquito Repellent Clothing, so if you cover up with some of those options, it will reduce bites even more. 
As for the weather, we stayed in that area twice for about a month or so at a time. At one time we loved it and we didn’t experience much rain (only wind, which is also seasonal). On our second stay in the Tronadora area, we had rain every day during June. This wasn’t exactly normal but we had heard from some locals that it can happen in that area and in Nuevo Arenal. We get months like that were we live now (southern Pacific Coast) but they are in September and October usually. I wouldn’t let it put you off from a place, once you are here you get to know the seasons and enjoy the rain at times and clear sunny days at others. 
Best of luck with your moving process and pregnancy. Congrats to both! 

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