carmell asked 8 years ago

In planning a vacation, I am reading about the desperation of people to get to the U.S. from places like Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries, when in the recent past, they were not as bad off as they are now.  What is Costa Rica like in this regard?  Do refugees come from this country?

DeerinMontello replied 8 years ago

As a side note Puerto RIco is a part of the United States, the people living there are citizens of the US and they are free to travel to the mainland without passports etc.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi carmell, 
In general, we’d say that no, not a lot of Costa Rican people are trying to get to the US. Costa Rica has a pretty stable government, no standing army, and the people are generally very peaceful. There are several countries in Central America that are dealing with violence or very hard economic conditions, but that is not the case here. Therefore people aren’t trying to flee anything really. If they want to go to the USA, it is generally because they want to work there or visit family, go on vacation, etc.