Planning Itinerary for 9 night in early September

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Maryah asked 7 years ago

Hello! Me and my friend are planning our first trip to Costa Rica for my birthday. I am still in the process of finalizing our itinerary. Does it look reasonable to you?:
Day 1 (1 night) Flying in to San Jose very late (1 AM). Spend the night close to the airport and rent a car early morning.
Day 2-5 (3 nights) La Fortuna
Day 6-7 (2 nights) Monteverde
Day 8-10 (3 nights) Tamarindo, Guanacaste We have our flight back at 1 OM from SJO. We want to wake up early morning and drive back to San Jose.
Should we add/ delete anything from the list? We are young professionals in our early 30s. Thank you!!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Maryah, 
That itinerary looks good. Keep in mind though that it is the rainy season for much of the country in September so the road from La Fortuna to Monteverde could be in rough shape depending on recent rainfall. You can read our Driving to Monteverde post for more about that drive. You could also consider visiting the Caribbean side in September, which is typically less rainy. Puerto Viejo is a fun town for people in their 30s and has beautiful beaches. Just an idea. Hope you have a nice trip with your friend!

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