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Terry asked 6 years ago

Hello, We are traveling to Costa Rica (Liberia)for Dental Work in 3 weeks.  The dentist prefers cash over credit card and will give us a 10% discount which is great but we are looking at paying around $20k.   How does one travel with that kind of cash?  Because there are two of us I understand we can each carry $10k which is the limit but is it safe?  Curious if you have had anyone ask this before.  As mush as I would love the discount I would rather be safe.   I have done a lot of research and haven\’t found any good safe way to carry it.   I am guessing they want cash so they don\’t have to report it?  Not unlike here in the us.  Cash for service can\’t be traced.  Thanks for any advise you have.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Terry, 
Sorry we didn’t get to your question in time for your trip. Hope the dental work has gone well. What did you end up doing for payment? I’m sure others are wondering if you found any way to transfer that much cash down. 
Best of luck