Overnight trip to Corcovado Park Questions

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sharkgirl asked 7 years ago

My friend and I are looking for an overnight trip to corcovado national park from drake bay and are hoping to find one on the lower price end however all of the companies we have looked into so far have only had options for $300.  I was wondering if it is really necessary to book this trip in advance or if we can shop around once we get there.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi sharkgirl,
It is a very good idea to get your tickets to Corcovado reserved through a guide ahead of time (the park service starts selling them 30 days in advance). If you wait until you arrive you are just hoping that a guide will have purchased extra or there are some still available for your dates. Because you need a guide to visit Corcovado, it makes it pretty expensive. That and the cost for the boat from Drake Bay, park entrance fees, etc. $300 is probably about right but you might ask your hotel if they know of some other options.