Options for keeping a small sailboat at a marina in southern zone

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gunnar429 asked 8 years ago

At home in the States, it is possible to own a small sailboat and have it moored up without truly breaking the bank. I am aware of Los Suenos, but am looking for something less luxurious as I am not yet in the millionaire class. However, if I do end up moving to CR, sailing/taking others sailing would be high on my list. Not exactly looking to trailer a sailboat down the windy mountain roads each time we want to take it out.

Any thoughts? Thanks, guys.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi gunnar429, 
There is a new marina in Quepos called Marina Pez Vela, which is similar to Los Suenos but probably a little more affordable. They offer slips and there are also moorings just outside the marina seawall, but I don’t know who regulates those (might be the marina but not sure). South of that, there are calmer coves like Dominicalito but it probably isn’t safe to leave a boat unattended in any of them for fear of theft or vandalism. Puerto Jimenez and Gulfito, in the very far southern zone, also have marinas that you could check out. Trailering might be an option if the sailboat had a removable keel. Most boats launched in the southern zone are done right from the beach with no boat ramp. If that was a possibility maybe you could look at storing it somewhere close to a good beach launch spot.