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Karen asked 7 years ago

we are taking a Panama Canal cruise in February that ends at Puerto Caldera.  From there we’d like to spend a couple of days at a high end beach resort.  It looks like we either need to travel North to One of the beach towns in the north west or travel to Manuel Antonio.  Is it possible to arrange transportation to either without having to return to San Jose first??  We’d be willing to rent a car if that was an option but there doesn’t look to be much in puerto Caldera where the ship docks.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Karen, 
The rental car company that offers a discount to our readers, Adobe, has an office location in Puntarenas that is very close to the Caldera dock. They will deliver the car there free of charge. You can check prices and get a quote using our Rental Car Discount page. You could also arrange a private shuttle, which would pick you up at the docks and bring you wherever you are staying (without going through San Jose). If you need help arranging a shuttle, just let us know and we can send more details. Hope you have a great visit to Panama and Costa Rica! 

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