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Kristen A Sullivan asked 6 years ago

We are a family of 4 (have two teens) flying in to Liberia at the end of July and wanted to stay 2 nights in Monteverde and then move on to Guanacaste and stay 5 nights.   The problem is most of the \\\’nice\\\’ Monteverde hotel rooms for 4 people are booked already for this weekend (except for 1 that is  $500/night).  I am not much for \\\’roughing it\\\’ – just want a nice, middle of the road hotel.   So, I am wondering about location options.  We have already been to Arenal on a previous trip so would like to visit other spots. I thought about trying to spend a few days in Nicaragua, but don\\\’t know if I am being too optimistic.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Kristen, 
July does get busy here. That’s a bummer about the accommodations in Monteverde. An alternative destination that you might like is Bijagua. It has a lot of wildlife and while it is not exactly cloud forest, it does have that raw jungle feel with moss and vines hanging off trees, etc. It’s also not far from LIR. There are a couple of nicer lodging options there as well (not many but a couple). You can check out our post for more details. Bijagua: A Gateway to the Rio Celeste Waterfall

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