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NicoleVA asked 8 years ago

I check your One-Week Itinerary page and looks like a good fit for my next trip to CR.
We’ll be visiting CR from 14 March to 22 march. What would the cost of the one-week itinerary be?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Nicole, thanks for checking out our one week itinerary post. There are a lot of factors to consider since each traveler is different. But for a mid-range hotel (Avg $100/night) and a mid-sized sedan (I did a quick 7 day quote with our special discount from Adobe for about $400, including mandatory insurance), you could probably calculate $1100 for just lodging and car. This of course doesn’t factor in meals or activities but you can check out our Cost of Travel Post for an idea on what those expenses will be like. Hope that gets you started, have a great time! 

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