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iaufoc asked 7 years ago

Hello guys,

I am almost sure I have read all your website, including comments and I find it so helpful and packed with all important information for a trip to Costa Rica.
Searching for over 2-3 days now I can say you’ve really made my day!
Sorry for my bad English but I am Romanian and never travelled to the American continent.
I have already bought the plane tickets for our one month Costa Rica experience without even knowing where that would be on the map. Some friends joined the party but only for the first 10 days, leaving us with 20 more days on our own.
So, my girlfriend and I will try to book places on or for that period (3rd of December to 2nd of January) and hopefully we will be able to manage through the Christmas and New Year in one piece.
Since we are planning to visit as much as we can in this one month holiday, we tried to locate a cheap car rental company and having a good experience with out last holiday in Tenerife where we paid 140$ for a brand new 4×4 for a week, we were surprised by the rent-a-car high prices in Costa Rica. Even with your 10% discount on Adobe, the cheapest car we can have will cost us over 1,100$ for a month and we need 2 cars, the second one for only 10 days.
I have even thought of buying a car in CR and then sell it but after reading the whole process with you I have changed my mind.
My question for you: is there any other way we could put our hands on a car, maybe owned by a private person in CR, for less than 1,000$ for a month?
I did some research and there is a platform called Turo which offers the same services as Airbnb but for people sharing their cars instead of apartments, well, not working in Costa Rica.
What do you think?

Also if you know a nice house where we can stay, me and my girlfriend, for a few days or more, I would appreciate.

Thanks again

George from Romania

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi George,
Great that you will be visiting for a long period of time. Unfortunately we don’t know of any other ways to rent a long-term rental car. Adobe does have a monthly rate but yes it is still expensive. If you do find a platform that works, let us know how it goes. Have a nice trip!