Older (50s) couple, no car

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Stan asked 6 years ago

Great blog!  We are travelling to CR for the first time in Feb, no car. We are going to Fortuna (3 days), then Manuel Antonio  (3 days), then San Jose (2 days).  We will arrive SJO 107 pm, which seems too late to get the shuttle to Fortuna.  Is it worth staying in Alajuela that first day, or should we go to San Jose?  
Also, we are having a tough time in Manuel Antonio with lodging that seems nice, and not a party place, but also not $$ $$. Do you know anything about Hostel Manuel Antonio,  parasio vista al Mar, or mycasa’sBb?  
Any general recs you have for tours, lodging, etc for “older” couples (vs families, young adults, and luxury seekers) would be much appreciated!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Stan, 
You could still get to La Fortuna the same day with a 1pm arrival with a 3pm shared shuttle or private shuttle. If you do want to stay a night, Alajuela is a cool little city and closer to La Fortuna for the next day. Downtown San Jose has its advantages too, with lots of good restaurants and the museums.
Manuel Antonio doesn’t have a ton of mid-range options but you might find Hotel Costa Verde is the right speed for you?  

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