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mschwik asked 8 years ago

I am traveling to Costa Rica for the first time in late November/early December.  Right now I have a hotel reserved in Dominical but I am considering changing to stay in Ojochal as it seems a little less touristy.  I am wondering if there is an actual town in Ojochal and looking for some feedback on staying in Dominical versus Ojochal.  Also, I read that there is a local Playa Hermosa Ecological Association in that area that is a rural tourism organization that offers cultural experiences about local culture such as cooking classes, tours of medicinal gardens, local hikes, etc.  I cannot find anything on how to book tours with them and if you can make them in advance.  Thanks,  Mary

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi mschwik, 
Ojochal doesn’t really have a town center. There are a few businesses and restaurants clumped together right when you take the turnoff from the highway but other than that it is pretty spread out along the few roads that go up into the hills. It’s also not really right on the beach like Dominical. That said, it’s a cool place and has some great restaurants and lots of jungle and wildlife. Dominical won’t be too busy until about mid-December and is small so doesn’t get congested (unless it’s a holiday), if that makes any difference too. There are also several places to stay between Dominical and Uvita/Ojochal that are up in the mountain a bit and more secluded that you might like. 
It looks like the Playa Hermosa Association website isn’t working anymore but you could try to contact ACTUAR, which is the organization that runs many of the rural tourism groups, including the one in Playa Hermosa. Here’s their website and email address – info[at]actuarcostarica[dot]com. Last time we were up there (a few months ago), we saw people at their office so we think they’re still around.