October trip to Bajos del Toro, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio?

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julia asked 6 years ago

Thank you so much for all of your amazing and useful information! Im so bummed! I’ve been wanting to come to Costa Rica for over 10 years now,and I always promised myself I would do it by my 40th. After reading through all of your blogs I’ve come to realize that my “40th Birthday Dream Trip” is possibly at the worst time to come 🙁 🙁 Is it crazy to come October 10th-17th to Monteverde and Manuel Antonio!? We are active wildlife lovers looking to hike, observe animals, see waterfalls, horseback ride and surf. We definitely don’t mind getting wet (i prefer it lush) but I am mostly concerned about the safety of driving, being eaten alive by mosquitos and if there will ever be any sunlight or clear days so that we can actually see the beautiful sights or be able to observe the wildlife? I would hate to cancel this trip but I would also hate to travel all the way there and not be able to see all of Costa Ricas beauty!Any advice would be great!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Julia, 
I was going to mention that you could visit more of the Caribbean side since those months are typically the driest there. But since you are firm on your destinations, August would probably be much better. October is very rainy in the central and Pacific regions and you’d risk having multiple washout days. Late November has been rainier than normal too for the last few years and we’ve even had some tropical storms and a hurricane hit in November (hurricanes are not common and the country has only been hit by 1 in it’s history). So I’d lean toward August which will be lush and green and not have a crazy amount of rain falling yet. Just typical rainy season weather, which can be quite nice with sunny mornings and rainy (sleepy and relaxing) afternoons and evenings. Hope your birthday trip is a success!