October…good or bad???

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Laney3081 asked 6 years ago

My husband and I are planning to come to CR is October.  Realizing that west coast is very rainy – we are looking into places to stay  in Cahuita.  Think we\’ve found a great one.  Went to AAA today to check out travel guides etc and they were totally against the idea of Oct on the Caribbean side.  TOO many hurricanes they say . However, I see all their packages are on the opposite side. I realize we can get rain and of course anything weatherwise can happen anywhere…I\’ve tried searching how many hurricanes/tropical storms may hit in Oct…what is your opinion? Is this a bad time to go?  I haven\’t booked anything yet but would like to soon…having said that…there was Nate…any advise would be greatly appreciate.  Thank you!  Love your site!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Laney, 
It’s really hard for us to say what the weather will be like. You can read our Weather in Costa Rica post for a general idea of the monthly trends by area. Another source that is helpful is the Costa Rica’s Instituto Meteorológico Nacional Facebook Page. If you go to that and click on posts, then type in the search “octubre” it will come up with all of their posts from the years past. You can see on there that tropical storm Nate hit us in early October of last year and that sometimes low pressure systems cause more rain than usual from time to time. Overall, Costa Rica rarely gets hit with Hurricanes. The first one to hit the country was Hurricane Otto in 2016. Otherwise it is tropical depressions or tropical storms. Hopefully this info will help you decide. It can be really nice on the Caribbean side in October so if you are willing to take the chance, it could be a really fun trip.