Nosara in September

SoSko asked 8 years ago

I have been reading your blog in preparation for a trip to Nosara in mid-September. My boyfriend and I are expecting to surf in the morning, do some yoga in the afternoon when it rains, and fill in the other times with relaxing and eating. Are our expectations regarding weather totally off base? The forecast recently and going forward looks like full days of rain and this makes us nervous! While we’re not expecting five sunny beach days in a row, we are hoping to spend time outdoors without being poured on constantly. When we consult with hotels about whether September is a good time to visit Nosara, of course they say yes! I was hoping you could offer an unbiased opinion of whether we are being unrealistic and should hold off on our Costa Rican adventure until slightly drier times. Thank you so much for your help!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi SoSko,
It sounds like you’re plan is perfect. Typically the rains come in the afternoon and evening and since you are already expecting that, you’ll be totally fine. In our opinion Nosara is much more beautiful in the rainier months. We lived there at the end of the dry season and it was very dusty and dry. As soon as the rains came, the jungle turned bright green and it felt so much more wild. Of course you might get rained out of a few things but it sounds like your expectations are totally realistic for what it will be like. Also, don’t rely on those weather apps or websites, most of the time they are totally wrong. You can read our Weather in Costa Rica post for more info and to see why. Have a great time!