New Years Eve 2017

Vicki asked 7 years ago

Hi lovely Costa Rican/Bostonian family!
I’m travelling to Costa Rica this year and will be in San Jose for New Years Eve. Do you know of anything local that would be appropriate for children and adults? We’d love to be part of something local and tipico.
We’re not sure where to go in San Jose or nearby areas to experience a traditional Tico New Years Eve or New Years Day celebration.
Thank you!!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Vicki, 

We’ve never done New Years in San Jose but there should be plenty of things going on in the downtown, including fireworks. There might also be a show or concert that you could go to at the National Theater. They post the schedule on their website as the time gets closer. You could also do some of the funny traditions that Costa Ricans do for the new year like wear yellow underwear or eat 12 grapes. More traditions in this article: