Olga asked 6 years ago

Hi guys! I really love your website and appreciate all what you are doing! My question to you is it a good idea to purchase GSM sim card and use it in my smart phone for navigation during our trip to Costa Rica (Nikoya peninsula + Arenal)? Will internet and Google navigator work with it? Or paying for Wifi in the car would be better idea? The point it’s a bit pricey.  Thanks!

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Olga, 
Yes, if your phone is unlocked and can accept a sim card, it’s a great idea. We have phones that were purchased in the US and we use the local sim cards with them. We can use the internet, Google maps, WAZE, etc. It should work well for those areas that you are visiting. You might drive through some areas with less coverage but overall it is very good. 

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