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Rob Morehouse asked 6 years ago

A friend and I will be visiting Costa Rica in March and booked a flight on Nature Air for March 9.  Any thoughts on whether their issues will be resolved by then or should we simply cancel our flight and either book on Sansa or use Interbus or another shuttle service to travel from La Fortuna/Arenal to Quepos/Manuel Antonio?  Thanks!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Rob,
It’s really hard to say. The suspension was unexpected and sudden. It sounds like it is mostly due to staffing deficiencies (based on the latest news articles) so those could potentially be worked out relatively soon. As you probably have read, the airline also had a major crash on New Year’s Eve, which set them back and is currently being investigated. Shuttles like you mentioned would be a good backup plan and if you wait another few weeks to see what happens, there should still be availability. A good news source to follow this is La Nacion. The site is in Spanish but can easily be translated.