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cr_hopeful asked 7 years ago

Hi!  This is kind of a specific question – I have been thinking about moving to Costa Rica for several years now; I have saved money, and been working remotely for the last two years.  I now find myself pregnant, and I figure it’s basically now or never.  I saw from your posts that you had mentioned living on a tourist visa while pregnant – was there ever any issue/concern travelling in and out of the country while visibly pregnant?

I had wondered about applying for a rentista visa, but I feel like that wouldn’t even be approved before the baby is born.  My only trepidation is I really don’t want to have to travel when 6+ months pregnant, and I’m a little worried they might not want to let me back into the country.  What was your experience?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi cr_hopeful,

Yes we crossed the border with Panama several times when Jenn was visibly pregnant to renew our tourist visas. We never had any issues and in fact would probably say that we were treated much better and given less of a hard time during that time (same goes for when we were carrying our little guy after he was born). In general locals are very respectful of pregnant women and often you get to cut the line, get a seat on a full bus, etc. Regarding the residency process, yes it can take a long time so I wouldn’t plan on being able to obtain that before you are due. Maybe apply after like we did. Best of luck with your pregnancy and your possible move!