Monteverde – Curi Cancha or Monteverde Biological park ?

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André asked 6 years ago

Hello ,
We will spend 3 nights in Monteverde and are planning ti visit some cloud forest park and do zip line (Selvatura seem to be the best one). We are not sure if we should go to both Curi Cancha and Monteverde Biological parks (are they différents …) , if we should visit only one which one you would suggest ?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi André,
Curi Cancha and the Monteverde Reserve both have a lot of the same characteristics. The Monteverde Reserve might have more distance for the trails overall if you are looking for a longer hike. On the other hand, Curi Cancha can be a lot less busy depending on the time of year that you visit (it is not an issue in the slower season). To compare more, you can read our articles about both to see which one you might like better. Here are the links:
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Curi Cancha
For the zip-lining, yes Selvatura is one of the best. The hanging bridges there are also nice! If you’d like help booking that or any other activities, just visit our Tour Booking page. We charge the same for tours and it helps support our site 🙂