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Efrat asked 7 years ago

l. Hello and that you so much for this beautiful web sight, I am so glad I found you!! we have 7 days is Monteverdi and Arenal- I wonder if it more recommended to spend 4 days in Arenal and 3 in Monteverde or the other way around, I read somewhere that it’s freezing in Monteverde , If that the case I’ll do 3 days only. Here things that we consider to do in Monteverde:Hanging bridges, Peserva biological busque noboso monteverde, St Elena, Busque estrno los ninos, Sendro bojo del tigre
is it realistic? we are travelling with young kids and will honor their speed, will be happy to drop things and not to rush, not sure what though

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Efrat,

Most people spend more time in La Fortuna than Monteverde, and we think that is probably best for your family as well. We wouldn’t say that it is cold in Monteverde, but it is a lot cooler because of the altitude. You can probably do what you want to do there in three days also. You may want to reconsider all of the hiking you have listed because the experience will be similar. Visiting a couple of cloud forest reserves, plus doing the hanging bridges will give you a good feel for what it is like. Monteverde does have a lot of other activities too that are worth the time, like wildlife exhibits. You can read our Monteverde post for more information: