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Kathleen asked 6 years ago

I Will be staying in Samara for a month but my doctor is concerned as to the level of medical care in Samara should I need to go to the hospital. Is there a hospital in Samara and if not where is the closest one? Thank you for your website!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Kathleen, 
To the best of our knowledge Samara only has a local clinic, pharmacies, and private doctors, which can all help you. But for bigger emergencies there is a larger public hospital in Nicoya (about 30 minutes away) that would be able to treat you. There is also a private hospital between Nicoya and Liberia called Cima, which is where a lot of foreigners living in the country go for private treatment (more English speaking doctors, state of the art equipment, etc.). To get the best info on local hospitals near Samara, be sure to ask your accommodations about it. We fortunately haven’t needed to use these facilities when staying in those areas. Another good idea is to purchase travel insurance to protect yourself. Berkshire Hathaway/Travelex is one company that offers plans, if you are interested.