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Annette asked 8 years ago

Hi, thanks for your website, it is well put together and very informative.  My husband and I will be visiting CR for 15 nights the last two weeks of December 2015.  I\’ve got most things decided, but want some input, please.  Here\’s what my plan is (with rental car for entire time).  Night 1 Alajuela (near airport).  Nights 2-4 La Fortuna; Nights 5/6 Monteverde; Nights  7-10 Montezuma (mainly wanting a beach town).  Night 15 will be back to Alajuela.  Originally I had planned to have nights 11-14 be at Manuel Antonio because everything I read says that this is one of the top places to see in CR.  However, these nights will fall Dec 26-29, which from everything that I\’ve also read says that this is the worst time to visit MA because of the crowds.  So, at this time of the year, should we just skip MA?  From all I\’ve read, it seems like it is nice beaches and monkeys in the jungle.  I\’ve seen plenty of monkeys in life, that is not a drawing factor for me.  Won\’t we see jungle in La Fortuna and Monteverde already?  Should I just add on extra nights at the destinations I\’ve already planned, and if so, where?  Or add on another destination (hopefully beach)?  OR, is missing MA like going to Peru and not seeing Machu Picchu or Egypt and skipping the pyramids, etc? Also, for the places I\’ve mentioned at that time of year, will we really need to fork over the extra amount of money for a SUV 4×4, or could we just get a little economy car.  Thanks again, and if you ever plan on going to Turkey to visit, I can answer any question for travel there 🙂

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Annette,  If you are looking to avoid crowds in the week between Christmas and New Years, we would definitely suggest that you skip Manuel Antonio. It’s not a must see but there is something to be said about visiting the central/southern Pacific. That area has a different feel and slightly more lush jungle than Montezuma, which can be a little drier. All the beach towns are pretty crowded then, but you could look at a smaller destination along the coast like Matapalo, Dominical, or Uvita, which are all just a little south of Manuel Antonio. They will still be busy with locals for the holidays but nothing like Manuel Antonio. As for the rental, you’ll definitely want a 4×4 or at least an SUV with higher clearance for the drive from La Fortuna to Monteverde and also to get to Montezuma along Route 21. Check out our rental car discount to help offset the extra cost:

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