manuel antonio w kids-arenas del mar or tulemar luxury villas?

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labdonj asked 8 years ago

Hi there!  We communicated a couple weeks back and I have switched our itinerary.  We purchased plane tickets Jan 21-28 and are flying into San Jose for a week in Manuel Antonio.  Seems like it is an idea combo of jungle/wildlife/beach/activities.   Right now we have a Ocean Breeze room booked at Arenas Del Mar, purely because all the reviews are so great and it has a private beach.  We have another couple weeks to cancel that though, so I thought I’d reach out for your opinion.  The Tulemar Bungalows are about the same price as Arenas and look bigger with a larger property.  If you were going with 2 children 10 & 11, which would you recommend of the 2?  I also couldn’t help noticing that there are a whole bunch of other places about half the price that look very nice as well.  I am not afraid to splurge but we aren’t fussy enough to demand total luxury.  I like that both have access to their private beaches.  Would you strongly recommend anywhere else over these 2?
Also, if you have any adventure activities or tours you’d recommend with kids that age I’d love to hear them.  Thank you again!  I think I read your family lives in Manuel Antonio- would be great to cross paths with you ex-pat Bostonians in our travels.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi labdonj,
Both of those places are really nice. Arenas del Mar gives a bit more of a resort feeling while Tulemar is like a vacation rental with resort type amenities on site. The bungalows are nice because you will have your own full kitchen and it will feel more like a home. Tulemar is also closer to the main area of town where restaurants are so you don’t have to eat onsite all the time. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend one or the other, or anywhere else but there are a ton of places to stay in Manuel Antonio that are really nice, so you do have options if you feel like shopping around. 
For activities, there is a ton to do. With kids that age you should definitely go to visit Kids Saving the Rainforest and the National Park. For adventure type stuff, zip-lining is a must, a kayak mangrove tour is fun, and there is also a catamaran tour that has a water slide, which kids (and adults) have a blast on. If you’d like more guidance on tours we’d be happy to help you narrow them down and then book the best operators for you. Just let us know and we will send an email.