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Jada asked 7 years ago

Hello and thank you for you blog. It’s a great resource that I keep returning to.   My boyfriend and I will be visiting next February.  For our last full day of travel, we were thinking of traveling from MA to Hacienda Altagracia.  How long is the drive and do you think it is worth it? Our flight the following day leaves at 130p.  How long is the drive from Altagracia to San Jose and what is the best transportation to use.  Additionally, how early should be arrive before the actual flight time?
Thank you,

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Jada, 
It is quite a ways to Alta Grecia from Manuel Antonio. Probably about 2.5 hours. Then, it is a long way back to San Jose if you drive (count on 4.5-5 hours). A better option is to fly from San Isidro de El General to San Jose on a small plane, which is only about 20 minutes. Honestly, it might not be worth just one night. If you are looking for a resort style lodge in the mountains closer to San Jose, you could consider staying in San Gerardo de Dota instead. Our post has some nice hotel options. Not quite as extravagant as Alta Grecia, but still really nice and a similar landscape.