Lunch Spot en Route from SJO to Ojochal

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John asked 8 years ago

Greetings!  We will be spending 8 nights in the Ojochal area in FEB-MAR 2017.  Our plan is to fly into SJO on a Saturday, spend a night there, and then grab our rental car and have a nice adventure driving down to our lodging in Ojochal the next day Sunday.  It would be great to have a cool lunch spot, to get in the spirit of Pura Vida, on the coast along the way.  Any recommendations?  Any interesting out-of-the way attractions along the way we would not otherwise get to see if we fly or if we were on a tour (skip the crocks – been there)?  Thanks for your awesome website!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi John,
I guess it depends on the exact timing but a good stop might be Restaurante Pelicano in Playa Herradura or Restaurante La Escapadita in Esterillos. Both are right on the beach and will probably be a bit busy/festive with locals since it is a Sunday (Herradura more so). Pura Vida!