Looking for suggestions to fill in gaps in itinerary

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shirtgirl asked 9 years ago

My family is traveling to Costa Rica over the holidays for 2 weeks and need some advice and guidance. We are first time travelers to Costa Rica so feel a bit overwhelmed trying to plan. I bought your book but after some firm arrangements were in place otherwise we would have picked one of your itineraries.

We arrive in Liberia and have booked in Playa Hermosa for 2 nights at the Hotel El Vermosa before we travel to Nosara to our rented house for 7 days. We are arriving 1 day ahead of the rest of our family so we want to be at the beach. There are 8 of us and are looking to hire a driver to take us there. Good plan?

From Nosara we are headed to Playa Viejo to the Blue Conga for 2 nights then stay at the Sloth Sanctuary for 1 night.

Our plan is take a shuttle of some sort from Nosara somewhere near San Jose for the night and possibly pick up a car since there will be only 4 of us for the rest of the trip. Suggestions on a good place to spend the night and maybe enjoy a little city life? Also not committed to Playa Viejo but we need to be close to the Sanctuary on the 29th. Suggestions or better idea? 

Appreciate all suggestions and changes we might need to make so this is not stressful for us!