Looking for a great boat trip at Costa Rica

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Marianne33 asked 7 years ago

My name is Marianne. I am planing to do a holiday trip to Costa Rica and wanted to inform myself about possible trips I could do there.
As I was the last time in Phuket I did a wonderful boat trip at sunrise. Would like to do a similar trip at Costa Rica if possible.
regards Marianne

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Marianne,
We don’t know of any sunrise boat trips in Costa Rica. Sunset tours are possible, though. These are out of northern Guanacaste and in Manuel Antonio (see our post about the catamaran cruise in MA). There’s also a full day trip to Isla Tortuga in the Gulf of Nicoya. This is sort of a party boat and there’s a snorkeling component. As far as seeing caves like on the other tour you did, if you’re coming during whale season (more info here), you could do a whale watching tour out of Uvita. Part of this to Ventanas Beach, which has some caves you can see from the boat.

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