Long-term rental (or house-sitting) near Costa Rica International Academy, Guanacaste?

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Bard78 asked 7 years ago

Hola and Gracias! My adult daughter and 14 year old daughter and I will be visiting CR in March to visit private high schools toward a view toward relocating before September (parents are retirees). Thinking to check out longterm rentals near schools, I have had good luck with central vicinities; however, I can (using craigslist) find nothing near Costa Rica International School described as ” between Playa Flamingo and Playa Tamarindo” on Guanacaste. The region appears to be quite expensive? Judging from its website, the school has the strongest offerings and programs, so I don’t want to strike out. I wanted a go-see of a few options in March. Closer to move time, we will hone in on house-sitting and use the most recommended “by owner” long-term rental sites. Is it possible to rent a nice 2-3 bedroom house in this region for $1,000 or less a month? I see your site recommends Facegroup pages. Where else can I search? Thanks!

vbrunner replied 7 years ago

My husband and I are also coming to that area beginning of March 3-7 to check out the schools in that area! When do you go up? We are looking closely at La Paz, CRIA, and the Waldorf schools there for our soon to be 3rd grader. We too would love to hear more information on the schools as we have had not much luck finding forums on this topic! Also do not want to rent a car due to the high deposit and we were told that there is only one bus line that runs there infrequently! So what is the alternative to getting there?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Bard78, 
That area is one of the most expensive in the country and since you are coming in March when it is the high season for tourism, you won’t have much luck finding an affordable long-term rental online. The best way is to get to know people in the area and find deals by asking around. You should be able to eventually find rentals in that price range but they would be very simple Tico style houses, which might not be what you are expecting. As for getting around without a rental car, there are local buses in that area but yes, they might only run a few times a day. This makes it an all day affair to go out for groceries, etc. You can check out our Rental Car Discount Page to see if that helps with the cost. The company we work with only charges $1000-$1500 for the deposit depending on the type of car. Our son is still too young for school so we haven’t researched the schools that much yet, try searching for Facebook groups in that area or ask the schools to point you toward community forums maybe?   

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