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nmw71 asked 7 years ago

My husband and I are both Marriott employees and are definitely planning on moving internationally in the next year or two. Luckily, we both work for a company that has so many hotels that we really have many options about where to go. However, I have been to Costa Rica and actually just returned from a trip there in June and we think CR might be where we want to settle. I have always stayed in Jaco/Herradura area but we have our sight set on the JW in Guanacaste. I saw you said it gets very hot and dry in that area, but are there neighborhoods/schools/stores etc. anywhere near the resort? Would we be able to find a home around that area or would it be mostly driving about an hour way? We would most likely do what you have done and also start a family there, so I want to be in an area that has access to drs and schools. Any information would be fantastic! I stumbled upon your blog and I’ve read every article and now I’m ready to get the transition started!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi nmw71, 
Glad that Costa Rica is on the top of your list. There are some very spread out neighborhoods and small mini-supermarkets near the resort but nothing major until just outside Tamarindo (Villa Real). For schools, you’d probably also be looking near Tamarindo or some of the other beach communities to the north (about 30-45 minutes away). There is a very good hospital in Liberia called Cima and plenty of other private doctors around too. Hope this helps you get started on your research!