Landing in Liberia, staying for 18 days

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allisonscow asked 7 years ago

Hey guys,
I’m just trying to plan my route around our vacation in December. Me and my 11 year old son will be landing in december and staying until january for 18 days. The main places I wanted to go are:
Liberia-La Fortuna
La Fortuna-Monteverde
Monteverde-Manuel Antonio
Manual Antonio-Samara/Tamarindo
I was wondering if you think in 18 days this would be enough time to do this route and if we should do it this way or go in reverse? I don’t know if it matters where we land for Christmas and New Years. We will most likely be catching the bus most of the time with the exception of Monteverde to Manual Antonio.
Thank you for your help, and your amazing website.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi allisonscow, 
Yes, 18 days is plenty of time to spread across those destinations. One word of advice would be to try to avoid the beaches as much as possible that week that falls between Christmas and New Years. It gets really crowded at the beaches at that time because a lot of locals get the time off and spend it with their families at the beach. It will generally be pretty busy everywhere but the beaches are at capacity. With that, make sure to make your hotel and any tour bookings that are a must, well in advance. Don’t be scared though, it is a festive time of year and the weather is usually very good too. Hope you and your son have a great trip and thanks for using our site to help you plan!