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WeaverD asked 7 years ago

Hello. I have downloaded your 2 weeks in Costa Rica from Kindle. It’s great; however, I could not find an itinerary which was perfect for myself and a friend travelling to CR for 15 days at the end of Jan, beginning of Feb 2018. Our airline lands only in Liberia from Canada. With this in mind, we have 3 areas which we would like to explore for sure, unless you have any better ideas. We will rent a car. We travel through the night and land in Liberia at about 7 am. The areas we want to visit and stay are Tamarindo (to relax) and Antonio Manuel (to explore). We would also like to go on some nature hikes, and see waterfalls, maybe an easy kayaking tour. We do not need the high adventure such as ziplining or white water rafting. We’d like to see a volcano area. What order do you think we should travel in from the airport in Liberia? Would it make sense to book a house or condo in Tamarindo for the first 5-6 days, and take a few day trips to places like Rincon De La Vieja volcano and Arenal and then drive to Antonio Manuel and rent a place there for 5-6 days? Or should we shorten our stays in those 2 places and take somewhere else for 2-3 days? We love, hiking, nature, wildlife, beaches, good food, relaxation and culture. Is San Jose worth visiting? Is Liberia an interesting city? Any other towns that are special?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Weaver D, 
Those destinations are a nice mix. If you are up for driving after you land in Liberia, I might suggest going straight to La Fortuna for a 3-4 nights. It’s a little too far to do as a day trip and there are a lot of great activities there. Then you could go down to Manuel Antonio for a while and work your way back up to Tamarindo. The drive from Manuel Antonio to Tamarindo is long (6-7 hours) so you could break that up with a couple of nights in the Monteverde Cloud Forest or stop somewhere else along the way. To answer your other questions, San Jose is probably too far out of the way for you and Liberia has some interesting sights but not a ton. There are some historic buildings and parks or churches in Liberia but just to stop quickly at.