La Fortuna/Arenal on a Budget

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cynthia asked 7 years ago

Hi Jenn and Matt, I’m traveling on a budget and will be staying at the Reginal Hotel in La Fortuna for 4 days/3 nights. Could you please let me know what might be the cheapest way to experience as much as possible? I’m interested in the hikes, seeing volcano, waterfall, hanging bridges, hot springs, and maybe a zipline or rafting activity. Is it cheaper/more convenient to rely on a taxi, rent a car, or book guided tours? Thanks!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Cynthia, 
You can see a lot without a car. When we first visited, we used the public bus to get around to the National park (requires a walk too) and some other sights. We talk about the location of some free hot springs in our La Fortuna Post. Taxi’s will work too and you can ask them how much the trip will be before getting in. Certain tours (like rafting) include pickup at your hotel for free while others (zip-line/hanging bridge) charge a small additional fee. If you want help booking either of those tours just send us an email at bookings(at)twoweeksincostarica(dot)com and we will give you the details. Hope this was helpful!