La Fortuna to Santa Teresa?

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ecorsten asked 7 years ago

Hi! Love your website. have been to CR several times but never to the Nicoya peninsula. We are renting a house in Santa teresa for about a week, but will be coming from the La Fortuna area. After Santa teresa we will be travelling back to San Jose.   Any suggestions regarding best routes from La Fortuna? Would you recommend taking route around lake arenal, and across puenta la amistad de taiwan and then around the down east and south coast of the Nicoya on route 21,    OR –> travel from La fortuna to puenta arenas then  take the ferry across to paquera?  Your opinion appreciated

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi ecorsten, 
We would recommend the first option, going around the lake to Route 1 south, then over to the Nicoya via Route 18 and down the east and south sides of the peninsula. Google maps says the other way takes a similar amount of time but you are more likely to encounter traffic and will have to deal with timing the ferry correctly. We’ve actually done the ride from Lake Arenal before and it was long but not too bad. The views are beautiful along the way. Best of luck!