Debbie asked 6 years ago

A friend just returned (2 weeks ago) from a 6 week stay at Playa Hermosa.  She told me that there were lots of jelly fish in the ocean and that they were stung frequently.  She also told me that her boyfriend was stung by a manta ray while walking down the beach in the water.
We will be in Samara mid February and are wondering if this will be an issue there and if it is safe to swim.
I did a search of this web site but wasn’t able to find any information on Jellyfish,

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Debbie, 
That’s too bad about the jelly fish your friends encountered. We have seen some jelly fish in Guanacaste before but have never been stung. I guess the numbers of them in the water probably depends on the currents and tides. Samara might be better since there is a coral ledge that acts as a break for the cove, but not sure. We haven’t heard of any problems. For the rays, this can happen from time to time on any beach since they like to burrow in the sand in shallower water. To avoid them, we’ve been told to drag/shuffle your feet along the bottom while you walk instead of making full steps. They will get disturbed when you do this and swim away. Hope you enjoy Samara and don’t meet any of these critters in the water! 

Debbie replied 6 years ago

Thank you for your response. For the manta ray, a local fisherman to my friend and her boyfriend (who had been stung) to a local restaurant. The owner took a lit candle and passed it back and forth over the affected area saying the flame “deactivates” the venom. It seemed to work!

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