Itinerary for 2 weeks in October

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Hanulee87 asked 7 years ago

We are planning our honeymoon in CR and would very appreciate your help with the itinerary. We will arrive in the middle of October to Liberia and will stay in CR for 2 weeks. It will be the rain season there so we are thinking about visiting the Guanacaste region – Tamarindo beaches & La Fortuna/Monteverde and then go to the east – Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo & Cahuita, Gandoca Manzanillo. Do you think it’s feasible to visit all the places in 2 weeks? We are renting a car for the whole period, however, we do not want to travel a lot/to spend hours in the car each day. Would you recommend to go to the west first, and then travel to the east region?
Moreover, we would love to do rafting and surfing (beginners). Would you recommend some nice places for rainy October? Would you rather go surfing to the east or the west coast? Do you think Pacuare would be the best for rafting in that time period?
Many thanks for your help and recommendations.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Hanna, 
That is a lot to fit in with 2 weeks if you don’t want to be rushed (also assuming you have to get back to LIR at the end). Tortuguero and Monteverde only need a couple of days each but the other destinations you mentioned have a lot to see so you might want more like 3-4 days in each. You could do rafting in La Fortuna so you don’t have to do it from the Caribbean side. Surfing might be better on the Pacific since there are sometimes only very small waves on the Caribbean in October (of course this changes all the time so it might be fine). So overall, maybe slim down the itinerary by cutting out one destination (also combining Cahuita & Puerto Viejo, since they are close) and take some time to enjoy each place. Many people end up coming back again so don’t feel like you need to fit it all in one trip. Happy honeymooning 🙂