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dmuniz175 asked 7 years ago

I just booked a trip to Costa Rica for August this year and I have found your website very informative. I have a few questions about the car insurance. If I book through your Adobe Discount page, is the liability that is automatically selected the only requirement? Or will I have to purchase more liability? I understand the insurance requirement and have read reviews of people being “scammed” but after some research, it seems like there is hardly any way around it. What I am trying to make sure of is when I purchase insurance for the rental vehicle, I do not want to get stuck dishing out more cash than what was agreed upon.
Second, I am planning on going to La Fortuna, Jaco, and Montezuma. Other than taking a water taxi from Jaco to Montezuma, it doesn’t seem like I would need a 4×4 based on the routes you have provided. Would you suggest otherwise?
Thank you for all your help!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Daniel, 
Yes, Adobe includes all the required coverage in the quote, there won’t be anything else forced on you. You can purchase more insurance from them when you arrive and they will explain the options, but it is not required. You can see more information about that at the bottom of our Rental Car Discount page in the FAQ section. As for if you will need a 4×4, as long as you aren’t driving to/from Montezuma you will be fine with a 4×2. You said you are taking the water taxi from Jaco, so I’m assuming that you are returning the car in Jaco and visiting Montezuma without a car…. so you should be all set. Have a great trip!