Hot Springs and Manuel Antonio vs. Conchal

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CRH asked 7 years ago

Hola Jen and Matt – I have a couple of quick questions that I just wanted to get your opinion on if I could (I did scour prior posts first).

  1. As for hot spring options around Arenal, I’ve heard that Baldi can be a bit loud and obnoxious. I have small kids who like a big playground, but is Baldi the best choice? Would the Springs be worth the difference in $$?
  2. After several days in Arenal, I am trying to decide between going all the way down to Manuel Antonio or going to Conchal. We leave out of Liberia so I am wondering if Manuel Antonio will be worth the extra time on the road – just looking to spend 2-3 days on the beach is all.

Thanks for your input!

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi CRH, 
Baldi is probably the best place for kids, though some of the slides and other features are better for older kids. It can be a little noisy and hectic from what we’ve heard but it can still be really nice and fun. If you are referring to The Springs Resort, that is a really nice option, though I’m not sure that they have a toddler pool or much else for really little ones.
For the beach town decision, Playa Conchal would definitely be closer to Liberia and is a beautiful beach. This is a great place to relax and hang out on the sand. If you are looking for wildlife and jungle, Manuel Antonio would be the better option, though much farther from the LIR airport for your departure.   

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