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jravi asked 8 years ago

Hi,   We are going to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks and will be staying half the time in Monteverde and half the time in Manual Antonio.  I have already found so much great information on your website, but I have a couple of questions.   Are there any good hot springs near either of those areas?  We have a number of ‘trips’ planned– is it usually better to book them ahead of time or might we get a better deal if we book when we get there? For example, we are thinking about doing a coffee tour and a kayak trip.  Thanks for your help! Jessica

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Jessica, congrats on your upcoming trip! To answer your question about hot springs. We don’t know of any in Monteverde but there are some near Manuel Antonio. Not sure how hot they really are but it might still be fun. Here is a link to another forum thread where we talk about them: As for booking tours in advance, April is still a little busy here but it is the start of the low season so you might find some deals. Coffee tours are usually pretty set on their price but maybe try it with the kayaking companies?

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