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jmegmc asked 7 years ago

Hello! My fiance and I are planning to go to Costa Rica for our honeymoon in February for about 11 days (plus flying days). Your website has been a huge resource for our itinerary planning. I’m wondering if you could tell me whether you think our itinerary is feasible?
We’re thinking:
Day 1: Arrive in Liberia (7:00am), rent a 4×2 SUV (using your Adobe code) and drive to Casitas Tenorio (using your discount code). Spend night in Bijagua
Day 2: Spend day around Bijagua (Rio Celeste). Overnight again at Casistas Tenorio
Days 3-6: La Fortuna (Sky Trek, rafting, hiking). Staying at mid-range hotel for 3 nights, Tabacon hot springs 1 night.
Days 7-8: Drive to Samara. Spend two nights in Samara, visit Playa Carillo
Days 9-11: Drive to Tamarindo. Get rid of rental car. Spend time at the beach (catamaran cruise maybe?)
Day 12: Shuttle from Tamarindo to Liberia to catch 2:45pm flight

I know this might look a little rushed, but we\’re not the type to sit still in one place for too long. That being said… do you think this plan is too ambitious? Should we plan to stay in Samara OR Tamarindo instead of both?

We’re not looking for crazy nightlife, but some shops, restaurants, and live music would be nice. From what I’ve read it doesn’t look like we’ll need a 4×4 for this route, but an SUV with a bit of clearance might be useful. Would you agree?

Lastly, would you recommend that we get rid of our car rental in Tamarindo (as above) or in La Fortuna (and take a shared to Samara)? We like the freedom of having a car rental but don’t love the high cost, which is why we’re thinking of having one just for part of the trip.

Thanks very much for your help!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi jmegmc, 
If you both don’t mind being active, this itinerary works great. Also good that you have one extra night in La Fortuna as there are a lot of activities to do there. You should be fine with a 4×2 rental, but like you said, having something higher off the ground could prove useful for exploring. Samara and Tamarindo are both very different but fun in their own ways. Samara would be more low key and Tamarindo can be great for dinner/bar options. If you do both, maybe keep the car for Samara (if it is in the budget) so that you can explore some of the nearby beaches. Have a great honeymoon and thanks for using our site to plan! 

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