Home bases for 3-week Trip?

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larlock asked 6 years ago

Love your amazing blog, and courageous adventurous spirits! We are going to be in Costa Rica from January 16th thru February 6th (so a little over 3 weeks). We were thinking of choosing 3 or 4 home bases in an effort to see the most we can while there, without it feeling too rushed/chaotic (we are travelling with our 2 10-year old girls, and our 2 11-year old boys)…does that sound like a reasonable idea? What areas would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Larlock, 
Not sure where you are at with your planning but yes, moving around 3-4 times during a 3 week trip will give you a good chance to explore each place and the surrounding attractions as well. Slow travel like that is great with kids too!