Highway tolls

Laural asked 7 years ago

In planning our itinerary I am noticing there are a lot of tolls along the highway going from San Jose to Manuel Antonio. As non residents are we expected to pay these tolls and how much are they? I know in Canada, if you don’t have a ‘pass’ you are billed by license plate number. And this is done by camera, so there are no toll booths to go through. Can you enlighten me some on what to expect in Costa Rica?

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Laural, 
Yes there are a few tolls you will have to pay on that route. They do have an electronic system but the rental cars don’t have the transponders so you will have to stop at the toll booth marked “Manual” and pay the fee. Expect to pay around a dollar or less for those and you can use colones or US dollars (small bills like $1 or $5). An attendant will give you change back if you need it and a receipt. Hope you have a smooth drive.   

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