Help! Arriving in LIR in one week

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Mel asked 6 years ago

We knew it would be wet on the West coast, so we had planned to rent a car and drive east. We are only there for 7 days and people are telling us we are crazy to drive… but we don’t want to spend 7 days in the rain.
Need opinions from experienced travellers! Is it feasible for us to rent an SUV in Liberia and do this;

Day 1- Flight lands at noon, pick up rental car and drive to La Fortuna before dark, sleep there
Day 2 – La Fortuna
Day 3 – Depart at 5am for Tortuguero
Day 4 – Tortuguero
Day 5 – Depart at 5am for Cahuita
Day 6 – Cahuita
Day 7 – Depart at 5am for La Fortuna, sleep there again
Day 8 – Depart at 6am for LIR, flight departs at 1:30pm

We know it’s a lot of time on the road, but we are okay with that if the timeline is doable?

Thank you for your feedback!!!