Heat and Humidity Variations

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reinadelmar asked 8 years ago

Hi. I read your post that discussed the various regions you have lived in and visited. Can you please tell us a bit more about the variations in heat and humidity? I assume that a mountain location you mentioned such as San Isidro del General would be less humid than, say, down on the Pacific coast at Dominical or on the Caribbean coast. Would you also speak to heat and humidity as it relates not just to location but to season. I know that the amount of breeze/wind is also a factor in keeping things naturally cool and bug free. Thanks so much.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi reinadelmar, 
Yes, you are definitely right that the humidity is much higher right down by the beach. Even just a mile or two inland can make a big difference and as the elevation increases it gets even less humid. That being said, it can still be pretty humid depending on how much vegetation is around the property and neighborhood. We live a bit into the mountains from Dominical at about 900 ft, but with jungle all around, and when we go to San Jose for a night, we get chapped lips! The seasons also make a big difference, right now it is the rainy season so it can be really sunny, then downpour for an hour, leaving it very humid as it dries out. In the dry season, it might only rain a handful of times a month or not at all depending on your location. It is also very hot in late Jan, Feb, March, and lately into April too. When we lived in Guanacaste one March it was almost 100 degrees and very arid. There was a smell of smoke in the air from all the wildfires and intentionally set fires in the sugar cane fields. Dust is also a problem from the dirt roads in some towns. Actually it was impossible to work outside with a laptop up there for fear of it getting fried- you really need AC for those conditions. Even in the Southern Pacific area those months can be very very hot and dry. Like we said in that Where We’ve Lived post, the climate can really vary greatly, even within a few miles. If you are thinking of buying property or renting long-term, we recommend checking out a few different areas at different times of year to find the right balance.