Having Horses in the San Isidro area

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Chris and Tatjana Oldham asked 6 years ago

We are planning on moving to Costa Rica in October/Novemeber of this year and have been focussing on the area around San Isidro. We were wondering if anybody has any information about the suitability of this area for horses as we will be bringing our 2 horses with us and will be looking to try and find a property that would be suitable for them – and of course availability of veterinary services etc?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Chris and Tatijana, 
That’s great that you are moving here, and with your horses-wow! I’m sure that process isn’t easy but will be well worth the effort. We don’t know much about keeping horses (aside from a short house-sitting assignment where we watched over some) but can tell you that there are a lot of farms and pastures around San Isidro. Lots of the locals keep horses and I am positive that some expats also have them. A good local resource in that area is the website called Pura Vida Connections. If you are on Facebook, there is also a helpful group called, Costa Rica Southern Zone Expats and Friends. It has people from all over the southern zone as members so you could ask about vet services or other specifics in there. Hope it all goes well and you find a great place to settle down!

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