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Mkedeb asked 6 years ago

In June we will be spending some time in Guanacaste then ending our trip in La Fortuna.  Is it possible to make a stop (not too far out of the way) to do a river boat tour.  We’re looking for something slow and easy where we could see lots of wildlife.  (not kayaking or rafting)  There are 2 in our group aren’t able to do a lot of walking, so this could be an alternative to hiking for those two to see some of Costa Rica’s nature.
And with or without the river boat stop, what do you recommend for a private transportation company, can I book through you?
Thank you for your help.  Love your website!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Mkedeb, 
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we had been doing some traveling and are just getting caught up on the Forum. There’s a very easy float trip between Guanacaste that goes down the Corobicí or Tenorio Rivers (depending of water level). It is in a raft but the river level is only a class I or II, so pretty smooth. It focuses on seeing wildlife like birds, monkeys, and crocodiles. This can be done as part of the shuttle transfer between Guanacaste and La Fortuna and it includes lunch too. Yes, you can book through us, just visit our Shuttle Page, and send us a message through there. 
If you are looking for a pontoon boat style tour, you might not be able to it as part of a transfer but there are some options from both destinations. One is closer to Guanacaste and explores the Palo Verde National Park and wetlands. The other option leaves from La Fortuna and explores Cano Negro National Park and wetlands. Both offer great wildlife and especially bird sightings. The pontoon boat might be better for your friends who have a hard time walking. If you’d like help booking one of those tours, just shoot us an email to bookings(at)twoweeksincostarica(dot)com and we will give you some more information and pricing. We can also help with the shuttle through that email if it’s easier for you to keep it all in one place.