How Grayline Busses Work/Uber – Specific Locations

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zpbsfg asked 8 years ago

I’m considering purchasing a 10-day pass from Grayline, but I’m not sure I understand how their schedules work. I see that they list many hotel locations for pickup. Do you have to request a pickup each day from one of the hotels? Also, where specifically do they drop off passengers at the destination locations? For example, if I take their shuttle from San Jose to Cahuita, where will they drop off in Cahuita?
Also, I see that Uber is advertised in the San Jose area, is it only available in San Jose pretty much?
Thanks for your help. I love the site and bought your book on Amazon 🙂

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi zpbsfg, 
Yes, Grayline and other shared shuttle companies travel from hotel to hotel. So you would just select where you are staying in each destination and get dropped off right at their door. If you are not booking hotels ahead of time just pick one that you can get to for the pick up/drop off and watch for the shuttle. One confusing thing is that they often do not pick up or drop off at hotels around the airport/Alajuela and instead have a meeting spot (I think it is Holiday Inn Express near the airport for Grayline). As for Uber, yes it is only commonly used in San Jose right now but they are aggressively trying to expand.