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Taylor asked 8 years ago

Hey guys, we are heading to Costa Rica in July. When we travel we like to get a good mix to really get to know the culture of a country. We’ll be visiting plenty of beaches and rain forest areas, but would love to visit some cool museums and other cultural sites. I read your post on spending 1 or 2 days in San Jose, which looked perfect, but unfortunately we won’t be making it there. We’re flying into Liberia, spending a couple days close to Conchal, a couple days in La Fortuna, a couple days in Jaco/Manuel Antonio, and then heading back to Liberia. Is there much to see in Liberia in terms of good museums/markets/street art or things like that? Or maybe in the other cities I listed or in between those cities for us to make a pit stop? We will have a rental car. Any advice would be much appreciated! 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Taylor, 
There are definitely fewer museums outside the San Jose area but there are a few cultural attractions you might want to check out near Liberia. One is Guatil Pottery, just outside the small city of Santa Cruz. They demonstrate indigenous pottery techniques and there is a small museum and gift shop. That would be an easy stop. Also, the city of Liberia has some historic sights although they are pretty small. Calle Real is the main street that goes through the historic district and you can see some old colonial-style buildings and churches. Further to the north, Santa Rosa National Park is the site of a historic battle between Costa Rica and William Walker (1856). There is a small museum onsite that does a good job explaining the significance of the battle and the park has several trails where you could also see wildlife. Anyway, those are just a few, hope it helps!